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100 Days of Health & Happiness

100 Days of Health & Happiness

It’s coming………

Ok so confession time for –  one reason and another I have not always made smart choices with regards to my diet over recent months…….You mean I am a personal trainer that doesn’t live on chicken and broccoli?? Yep. Sorry. I am a pretty average woman who has cravings, lazy days and bouts of binge eating.

Things have gotten harder over the last year since opening up the gym and the work and stress that has been involved. Bad day? The temptation to ‘cheer myself up’ with chocolate can sometimes seem overwhelming.

I need to focus and I need to take better care of myself so this challenge is perfect. 100 days of being more aware and making smarter choices. Does this mean a strict diet and every day in the gym? God no. That certainly wouldn’t help my happiness! No, it is more about becoming more mindful and increasing our healthy choices and making sure we do stuff that makes us happy every day.

These things can become much more powerful when we do it together. So I am going to improve my health and my happiness over the next 100 days, it would be great if you join me :)


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