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2 Things Way More Important Than Money

2 Things Way More Important Than Money

My priorities were all wrong

Being in business on your own is tough. You start out with visions of doing the job you love, flitting from meeting to meeting, having time to do-lunch with friends, building an empire, having to turn clients away

The reality is, its bloody hard. Clients don’t just com flocking, there is no time for lunch and I cant remember the last time I did any flitting!

You become obsessed with money. Seriously.

Being able to pay the bills becomes a never ending worry in the early days.

All your time and energy goes in to making sure this ^^^^^ happens.

What I realised is I have all my priorities wrong.

We have 3 currencies in our lives

1) Money
2) Time
3) Energy

Many of us focus purely on Money and we use up all our time and energy trying to keep on top of the money struggles.

I was taught recently that we need to flip this.

You see if we don’t look after our energy and safe guard our time, we will soon burn out.

Energy is the most precious currency on this list, we have to ration it, we have to give ourselves time to build it up.

We then need to take care of out time – once this is gone there is no getting it back.

As for money – that is replaceable. Let’s face it there is lots of money out there available to us if we have the energy and time to go get it.

It feels a little weird to think about this differently but it certainly makes sense.

What do you think? Do you give your energy and time enough TLC?

Claire xx
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