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200 Burpees? You are having a laugh

200 Burpees? You are having a laugh

Now anyone who knows me, knows I am not a 200 burpees-broccoli-eating-up-at-dawn-PT.


Far from it.


I love food, I love socialising and I love making the most of life.


I believe in balance – healthy eating with a few treats + exercise = a happy balance.


But if I am honest, recently, I have maybe tipped the balance too far in favour of wine.


I haven’t given it much thought, and it just started to become more of a regular thing rather than a treat.


The heads up came with cold number 2 in 2 months.


Now I don’t really get ill. For that I thank my mother for the ‘Wind will blow it away’ mentality where you just get on with things and you’ll be fine. Add in 12 years of working with kids and all their germs – I pride myself on a pretty good immune system.


So 2 colds in 2 months is not normal for me.


It made me have a think.


Am I really eating healthy? Am I really looking after myself?


And if honest. No.


Am I gonna beat myself up about it? Course not, whats the point? But I have started re-thinking a few of my habits and getting more organised with my food.


Your body is blooming amazing and day after day it keeps working the best it can. Sometimes things can get a bit too much and it has ways of letting you know “Oi, I need a bit more TLC please.”


Its easy to dismiss these signs as old age, the weather, regular bugs….and yes they maybe play a part. But we can also do things to help.


So I have just done a weekend without alcohol, Doritos and chocolate – and guess what…I survived! Add in some lovely long walks, lots of sleep and colourful meals and I am feeling so much better.


Look out for the signs Claire make sure your body gets the TLC it needs


Have a great day :)


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