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Breakfast: Sesame & chia seed drop scones

Dinner: left over shepherd’s pie and green beans

Tea: tomato soup

Snacks: banana

Exercise: 30 minute weight work out at the gym

Daily Affirmation: I choose nourishing, healthy foods

Today was a day of leftovers for meals which makes life nice and easy, I love that.

Big clean out at home today, such a nice feeling to get drawers and cupboards sorted. Stuff thrown out and a few charity bags ready to go. Its very cleansing J

Managed a quick workout at the gym. Back squats, upright row, pistol squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, press ups, KB swings and tricep extensions.

I also dismantled a large set of shelves so I am classing that as a work out as well!!

I am feeling really good, the cravings come but because I don’t have any ‘naughty’ food in the house I cant and don’t give in. Bloating has gone, energy levels are rising and sleeping like a baby. Nice :)


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