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A little story about poop

A little story about poop

So how many times do you poop a day? once? Twice? Not that often? Don’t panic Im not expecting you to send your answers on a postcard and this isn’t some really dodgy competition but there is some info here that may just help you have a healthier gut and a healthier gut = a healthier body.

Technically if you are really healthy and you eat 3 meals a day then you should go to the loo 3 times a day. What goes in has to come out right? Unfortunately this is true for very few people. In fact most people are lucky if they go once a day, I have even had clients who save it up for a weekly treat!

Think about this – What happens when you don’t take the rubbish out?  Well it rots.  Even after one day and you forget to take the rubbish out, it rots. It rots, gets gassy, ferments, and stinks up the whole house.  Does anyone really want to leave days of unwanted fecal matter rotting in their gut and stinking up their body because that nasty stuff can cause problems that no one wants. Once poop stops moving through the system within the normal timeframe it will start to cake up on our intestinal walls and start to back up our digestive track. Making us feel bloated, gassy and lethargic.

You need to clear those pipes out ladies as almost 70% of you immune system is in your gut. Admit it, how good to you feel after a good poop! Lighter? Slimmer? Here are some types to help us all get a bit more regular.


  1. DRINK MORE WATER.  You can’t clear the pipes if it’s dry inside. Add more water to flush your system and flush away any potential poop shoot blues.
  2. TAKE PROBIOTICS. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria, which everyone needs in their gut for healthy gut ecology. These “good guys” support the immune system and help soften up and break down any rock solid fecal matter that has a hard time passing through.
  3. FIBER. You know this. Aim for 25-30 grams per day. My suggestion is along with eating a diet high in fruits and veggies, add chia seed and flaxseed to your diet.. Chia and flaxseed bulk the stool, help trap and remove toxins by sweeping the colon walls so nothing gets stuck. They are also ‘superfoods’ loaded with nutrition.
  4. AVOID COLON CLOGGING FOOD.  Cheese, milk, and gluten really can bind you up.  This combination is like Elmer’s glue for the gut. .
  5. HEALHTY OILS. Taking in additional high quality oils such as fish oil or flaxseed oil can really help soften and lubricate the bowels. In addition, they are heart healthy, can help you lose the “bad fat” off the body, and help the skin to look and feel great!
  6. MAGNESIUM. Many of us our low on the special nutrient. Magnesium is very important for body alkalinity and bowel support. It helps relax the muscles and a bound up bowel. Not only will it help you poop better its great for your bones. You cannot absorb Calcium without Magnesium.
  7. EXERCISE. Just like when we walk the dog to get it to go poop, we must do the same. Besides the obvious reasons for exercising (health, longevity, strength) you should exercise and twist the mid section to help in stimulating the movement of the bowels. All abdominal exercise and twists (especially the ones taught in yoga) are fantastic for massaging the colon and clearing the pipes.


There you go top-tips for a healthier digestive system. Happy pooping ladies


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