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A little task to help you stick to that diet

A little task to help you stick to that diet

Are you struggling to stay on the track with a healthy nutrition plan? Yep – we have all been there. Here is a little trick I use to help me stay focused.


So imagine the situation, you are having cravings for a biscuit (ok maybe 5 biscuits) with your cuppa. Now before you grab for the packet try this


Take  a  piece of blank paper, fold it in half and get a crease down the centre. Now on the left hand

side write down all the benefits of eating healthy (so not having the biscuits), so for example


  • I will have more  energy
  • I sleep better
  • I have no bloating
  • I wake better in the morning
  • I will look downright amazing in my bikini in 3 months
  • I feel great in my clothes
  • My skin looks better


The list does go on


Now on the other side, the right hand side, write down the benefits of having that packet of biscuits


  • 1 minute of ‘happiness’
  • Quick sugar fix


I really cant think of anything else – can you?


By taking the time to write this down we have the opportunity to look at the situation logically rather than  emotionally. This helps us understand our emotional eating traits and deal with them rather than giving in to them.


You can write a new list each time or keep a list with you so when cravings kick in you just have to have a look at it to remind you of your goals and why you want to make a healthy choice.



Have a great weekend :)


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