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A turn of the screw

A turn of the screw

There was an industrialist whose production line inexplicably breaks down, costing him millions per day. He finally tracks down an expert who takes out a screwdriver, turns one screw, and then – as the factory cranks back to life – presents a bill for £10,000.

Affronted, the factory owner demands an itemised version. The expert is happy to oblige: “For turning a screw: £1. For knowing which screw to turn: £9,999.”

Author: Oliver Burkeman in “The Guardian Weekend”, 13 August 2011

This made me smile. How often do we forget our true value? How often do we underestimate our knowledge, skills and talents? You can do things that other people can’t. You have skills that other people dream of.

People may well try to knock you. But there are things you can do that are of extremely high value. You can turn screws that other people cannot.

This can be a work skill or even a life skill - amazing at organising projects? Great at listening to people?  Excellent at negotiating or just bloody brilliant at making others feel good.

What is your skill? What do you have that you are proud of? Don’t tell me nothing cos I don’t believe you. EVERYONE has something to be proud of. Identify it, use it and be proud of it.

Your challenge today, find the thing you excel at. Find the thing you are proud of. Then tell someone. Go on I dare you. You see to admit it to yourself is one thing but to write it down and share with others, well that just feels like showing off doesn’t it? Surely that’s just being big headed? Bollocks. That’s being real and knowing the true you. That is being proud of who you are and not letting anyone change it and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Achievers do.

So go on…..what you waiting for?


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