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About Believe & Achieve

After being a size 12 all my life I hit my 30s and suddenly found the weight starting to creep on. By Christmas 2009 I was on the verge of buying size 16.

Now the crazy thing is I knew what I should be eating, and I knew I should be exercising, but I still wasn’t doing it. I started every Monday morning doing it, but it never lasted. The cravings got too much, and the willpower ran out my about 11am on Tuesday and I was back at the vending machine munching on Kit Kats and Double Deckers.

At the start of 2010 I was determined to do something about it, but I knew I needed help to break the cycle of binge-diet-binge-diet that was getting me nowhere.

So, I joined a local gym and started to make positive choices about my health and fitness. It was so much easier with the support and accountability. Did I get it perfect from day 1? Course not. But I was taught to aim for progress NOT perfection and by working on developing new habits, the plan just became easier to follow and stick to.

Within months I had returned to a healthy size 12 and had found my passion for health and fitness and fascination about the power of the mind set within the whole process of losing weight. Keen to learn more I qualified as a gym instructor and then a personal trainer and ta-dah……..a new career was born.

I knew from the start I wanted to specialise in helping ladies because I totally understand how you feel and the frustrations of trying over and over again and getting nowhere.

I soon realised that the key to breaking this negative cycle is the mind set and our number 1 priority with every client is helping you sort your head out so you get clear on what you want and believe you can truly achieve it.

After helping dozens of ladies in Sheffield lose weight, gain energy and find their confidence we became, the go-to healthy lifestyle studio in South Yorkshire for ladies who want to finally feel fabulous.

Believe & Achieve now has a small team of female personal trainers all dedicated to supporting ladies make small enjoyable changes to develop long term habits and results that last.

Passionate about living life to the full, I totally believe that if you truly want something in life then you can have it. But not in a wishy-washy- way, that’s not my style, but I know that through positive thinking and clear goal setting you can plan your life down to the finest detail. And that is exactly what we help our ladies do.

At the heart of everything I do is a deep understanding of what it is like to gain weight and how hard it can be to deal with on your own. I am chuffed to have the opportunity to share my experiences through regular workshops, our Healthy Lifestyle Club and semi-private Personal Training sessions in Sheffield and to be able to support others to achieve the health and happiness they deserve.

I would love to help you too.

Either give us a call or complete our Free Consultation form and I will see you soon

Claire x