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Are you a leading lady?

Are you a leading lady?

4 day weekend! Whoop whoop, what you gonna do? Where you gonna go? So nice getting a bit of extra time off. I have actually closed the gym today and Monday, first time I have had a bank holiday off since I started as a PT. I remember being told when I first started…….oh you’ll have to work every evening, all weekend and all through the holidays. Love my job so never really fazed me but, and I’ll be honest, as much as I love my job I love my time off more. Let’s face it, none of us work for free, we do it to earn the money that pays for the free time and all life’s necessities and luxuries.

I remember being told that if I didn’t decide the hours I worked then my customers would do it for me. Now any self-employed person out there will totally understand that when I first started I just took the work whenever and wherever I could! And was very happy to get it. That wolf spent far too much time sniffing round my front door!

I actually discovered just how amazing a day off was by accident! I took clients on 7 days a week but one Sunday no one booked in and it was bloody brilliant. I loved my whole day off and what I realised was how much brighter and refreshed I was on the Monday.  There and then I stopped taking Sunday bookings – a new me was born :)

Since opening the gym I make sure I finish at 12 on Saturdays as well. Mondays are also a business day, no clients.

I decide when I work, I let people know when I am available which is only four and half days a week now and do you know what I still get more than 20 fabulous ladies through the door each week. No one has ever asked to come on Sunday and not one has ever complained about not opening on bank holidays. (Side note – My clients are blooming fab)

Now this is a small thing in the world of business but, cue tenuous link……..you see, in a way you can compare it to life……people treat you the way that you let them treat you. When you set the bar people happily accept it. Let people take advantage and they will, put up with negative behaviour and I guarantee more will come your way. BUT as soon as you decide to no longer accept things you don’t want then people will either start treating you differently or move along. Either is a bonus in my book.

Set the standards. Decide how things are going to run and stick to it. You are the leading lady/gent in your life, step up and make it happen.

Have a fandabidoozie looooooooooong weekend peeps. I know I’m gonna :)


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