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Are you strong enough?

Are you strong enough?

Awful lot of talk about willpower at the moment. People searching for it in order to get through the New Year New You diets. January is gonna be a looooooooooooong month for some.

It got me thinking, Most people will openly say ‘I don’t have any willpower’ But imagine if I asked you to lift a 100kg weight, what would you say? Would you say “I cant because I haven’t ANY strength” or “I cant as I am not strong enough.”

‘Not strong enough’ is more truthful language because it implies that you could be strong enough if you worked at it and it also implies that you do indeed have strength.

Its exactly the same with willpower. Of course you have it, just like you have strength and if you want to improve either you just need to work at it.

You have willpower, I admit that sometimes it may be harder to find than others but it is always there and it can be grown and developed just like any muscle in your body.

The first step? Celebrate the fact that you have it and then every time you choose to use it give yourself a pat on the back. and sit back and watch that muscle grow.

With practise comes good habits, lets not make life any harder than it already is by beating ourselves with talk of “I shouldn’t……”  Everything is a choice in life, get rid of the ‘should or shouldnts’  All they bring is resentment and chocolate cravings!!!!

Have a great day

Claire x

PS Every time you choose to use your willpower tell yourself well-done. What the hell – have a smug little smile as well :)


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