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Bring on the champs

Bring on the champs

We got a new delivery today! Some very special B&A merchandise :)

At the heart of everything B&A does is positivity. We are proud that our studio makes everyone feel secure, comfortable and welcome no matter what their fitness levels, ability or experience.

Starting next month we will be awarding a Champion Of The Month. This champion will be given a special B&A prize that cant be bought, only our champions will ever be able to get their hands on it.

So how will we decide the winners? Well as a gym it would be easy to award it to the person who lifts the most or moves the quickest, but that’s not how we work. Possibilities include the member who

1) tries the most new recipes widening their meal choices

2) has the most positive attitude each session

3) commits to extra exercise outside of the studio

4) gives most input on private Facebook group inspiring others

The list is endless.

I’m excited, cant wait to award our first Champion in September.  It might be you!

Have a fab weekend, we are getting dressed up and trying the new Pointing Dog Bar in Sheffield on Saturday. So if you don’t hear form me next week I have probably been swept off my feet by a 70 year old gazilionaire ;)

Have fun

Claire x


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