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Buddy Up

Buddy Up

Not sure I should be admitting this but we are friends right?!! The thing is its amazing the amount of paperwork that goes on to run a gym. There is always a programme to write, an email to send, a blog to put up, a sales pitch to deliver. Now the problem is, having a never-ending to-do list my own workouts have often been dropped to the bottom. Days can pass and I suddenly realise I haven’t trained – how bad is that for a PT?

But there is always a solution, and this time the solution turned up in the form of my buddy Scotty. He got in touch last week as he was looking for a training partner. You see he is a PT as well and also runs his own business and he too was finding he was skipping workouts for the sake of emails.

I now have 4 training sessions in my diary for next week.  I have had training sessions in my diary before and they have still been missed but I know I will not miss these.  If I don’t go then  I will let a friend down and I cant do that. Isn’t it funny how we are perfectly happy letting ourselves down but wont do it to anyone else? (Something not right there, but I think that is a whole different e mail.)

Anyway, buddying up is a great way to get something done. Finding it hard to get to the gym? Go out for a walk? Make the class? Rope a friend in, do it together. It makes it more fun and will also make sure you rock up.

You challenge today, should you choose to accept – find a training buddy and get those workouts planned :)

Have a great day


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