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Cake, Haribo and a cheeky biscuit

Cake, Haribo and a cheeky biscuit

Confession time! I am finding it really chuffing hard to lose/maintain my weight since hitting the big 40. It’s like someone came along and slapped an extra 7lbs on my ass and now it’s an uphill struggle to try and shift it.  I eat well and train three times a week so what’s going on.?


Ill tell you exactly what’s going on………….


I eat well – but choose to forget about the piece of cake on Tuesday, the few hairbo on Wednesday, the quick biscuit on Friday and lunch out on Saturday


I train three times a week – but choose to forget that I could have pushed myself more and done an extra Burpee, I could have actually done an extra class and maybe I should have gone for heavier weights on the shoulder press.


What we do and what we tell ourselves can sometimes be two very different stories. If we believe what we tell ourselves then we are in danger of  heading down the   “Well what’s the point? This doesn’t chuffing work anyway.” Route.


Rather than saying  “I’m doing pretty good, most my meals are healthy and I am really pleased I got to the gym 3 times. But I let a couple of unhealthy choices slip in and next week I am gonna beat my Burpee  target.”


You see, when we don’t fall 100% in line we don’t need to beat ourselves up. But we do need to be honest. If we don’t have the honesty then how will we know where we need to make any changes and improvements.?


And this is not  just about food and the gym. Think about work – did you really work ‘every hour god sends’ on that project? Relationships – did you really do everything you could to avoid that argument? Finances – did you really save your money well and not spend it on too many cups of coffee (just me?!)


No one is saying we have to be perfect, but in order to achieve long term success we do have to have our eyes open and be honest about we are and are not doing.


Have a fabulous day

Claire x


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