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Chick-flick Heaven

Chick-flick Heaven

Hope you had a fab weekend. Get this ……I had a WHOLE day off yesterday! Its a miracle!! Haha. Since opening the studio there has been a never-ending to-do list and I just didn’t feel right taking time off when I had so many jobs still to tick off the list.  But I am sure it is no surprise that recently I have started to feel wiped out and very stressed. You see I was never having any time away, so my plan of trying to keep on top of things was actually making things a whole lot worse – not better.

I told myself that I would take the whole of Sunday off, but secretly in my head I knew that I would just get a couple of little jobs done. You know, those simple ones  that should take 5 minutes but end up taking all day.

But funny how things work out……I left my lap top cable at the gym. I couldn’t do any work, unless I went back to the gym to collect the cable then my lap top had no power and no work was going to get done. I decided to take it as a sign. Fair to admit that I felt a little anxious at first but then I discovered Movies24 Chick-flick afternoon and I was sorted!!

And I have to admit I feel blooming great today. I have slept better, I am more relaxed and all ready for another week. I could get used to this day-off malarkey :)

Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing by just keeping going, by plodding on. We think by not stopping and constantly working through our jobs list we are doing what’s best. But in the long run this can sometimes do more harm than good. Sometimes by taking some time out we can eventually achieve more, not less.

When was the last time you had some proper relaxation time? Maybe its time to put some in the diary :)

Have a fab day


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