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Day 1

Day 1

Breakfast: Quinoa Porridgeday1

Dinner: Handmade bun-less Burger

Tea: Homemade  Soup

Snacks: Banana

Exercise: BodyPump Class

Daily Affirmation: Every passing day my body becomes more energetic, more healthy

Day 1 yeah!!! We are off ladies……..

Now I am not going to focus too much on weight loss, that will just be an added bonus as we get healthier, but I did weight myself and measure round my waist. Those are the only measures I am going to take and I wont do them again for about another 4 weeks I reckon. If we are not careful we can get obsessed with the weighing scales and as one client said to me today “depending what the scales say every morning decides what kind of mood I am in” So that’s me done with the scales for a short while.

So a cracking start to the week. I always start each day with warm water and lime (you can use lemon too if preferred) Squeeze the juice of half a lime in to a pint glass, add 2/3 cold water and top up with boiling water. It is a great way to cleanse the system and start the hydration process.

Today I already had a lunch booked in with a friend and we were at the Handmade Burger Place at Centretainment, they do all burgers without the buns and add in extra salad and coleslaw. You see it is possible to eat out and still be fairly healthy. I dont believe that life should stop just because we are trying to be healthy. Its all about balance.

And a BodyPump class, I forgot how much I enjoyed those classes :) A few PTs get a bit precious about exercise and have feel the need to slate others (poor zumba gets a right bashing from some) but I am of the opinion that if it gets you off the sofa and moving then bloody brill! Do what works for you :)

Probably seems a bit weird that as a gym owner I go to another gym. But I am like everyone else ……I need pushing! Working out on your own all the time isnt much fun so I enjoy going to classes and getting stuck in. The people at my gym dont know I am a PT and I like that, I get to just be a member like everyone else without people expecting me to be supersonic!

mindfulness daily      Oh and Kelly I downloaded the Mindfulness Daily free app – its great and a fab addition to everyday. Thanks for that.







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