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Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast: Power Shake

power shakeDinner: Sweet potato wedges, scrambled eggs, salmon and spinach

Tea: Homemade  tomato soup

Snacks: 1 slice sprouted wheat bread, handful almonds

Exercise: 30 minute circuit class

Daily Affirmation: I love life and life loves me

ooooooooffff a few aches and pains after last night’s BodyPump class. A lot of people tend to avoid exercise if they are aching as they think more exercise will make it worse. Not true, in fact it will loosen those aches up and help you to feel better. So I powered through the pain today and feeling pretty good.


Food is going well, I love love love sweet potato wedges. It is always a cracking idea to up your good carbs on a workout day     especially if it involves any form of weight training. For delish wedges, melt some extra virgin coconut oil in a roasting tin,       add your potatoes making sure to coat all the tatties. I then add in a spice, paprika and thyme work well but this is my               current favourite – chilli and garlic which I got for £1.99 at B&M.

I am feeling really good about the 100 Day Challenge, loving the positivity from people, I have a great feeling about this ladies xx



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