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Day 3

Day 3

scrambled eggs and salmonBreakfast: Power Shake

Dinner: Scrambled eggs, salmon & spinach

Tea: Chicken & Avocado salad

Snacks: Nak’d Bar

Exercise:90 minute dog walk

Daily Affirmation: I am full of energy and vitality and my mind is calm and peaceful.

OscarSo no gym exercise today (my aching hamstrings were grateful) instead I headed outdoors with the lovely Oscar for a nice long walk. Two bonuses to this

1) Great exercise for me

2) He sleeps for hours when we come back so I get some peace and quiet :)

I only have him for another week though, I’ll be moaning its too quiet once he has gone.

The food is going well. People often steer clear of avocados as they are high in fat, true but it is good fat that your body needs. I wouldn’t hesitate in having an avocado every day if I fancied it…….living on the edge me.

But if you dont want to eat a full avocado but dont want to waste any, if you keep the stone in one half and pop that half in the fridge it will be usable the following day. It wont look as pretty but still tastes good.

My snack today was a nak’d bar, a fab treat if you want something sweet. My favourite flavour is the chocolate orange.



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