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Day 4

Day 4

Breakfast: Banana

Dinner: Chicken salad

Tea: Salmon hash brown & spinach

Snacks: Handful almonds

Exercise:60 minute dog walk

Daily Affirmation: All is well

I was a bit rubbish this morning, didn’t plan or prepare so just had to grab a banana on the way out. Not enough, I was hank marvin very quickly. Not to self ‘Must try harder’

But it happens sometimes, luckily I was no where near a shop so had no battle with my will power. The chicken certainly went down well once I got home.

I am big on making life as simple as possible as always like to either make double so another meal is covered the next day or there is enough to freeze for a later date. Hence the chicken salad again :)

Now the hash browns are brill and sooooooo easy to make……grate a sweet potato in a bowl, add chopped onion and then any other protein or veg of your choice, I added smoked salmon, broccoli and pepper. Mix it altogether, add an egg to help bind it and then make it in to small patties.  Fry in coconut oil flipping half way through.  Lovely.

photo 2Technically I ‘should’ have gone to the gym but I settled for a brisk walk instead. I’m not a fan of the word ‘should’ it can take away the fact that we always have choices. Its not done to anyone to decide what we should and shouldnt do, it is for us to decided. So today I wanted some fresh air and a walk and thats what I did. Oscar moves on soon so I am going to enjoy our walks while I can.

Oscar was pooped after :)

How are you getting on?


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