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Day 6 & 7 -The weekend

Day 6 & 7 -The weekend

Well the weekend was certainly about the happiness rather than health. It was all a bit crazy, my parents were visiting and we had a DIY weekend. The house was in chaos, dog was a nightmare and I had a night out with the girls.

Knocked me off track a bit but that’s life, things come along that mess up original plans. You can either stress out or go with it and make the most of it. It was great to spend some time with my parents and also great to have a night out with friends.

Sunday was a wash out, I did nothing other than lie on the sofa drinking tea. If it wasn’t for walking Oscar I don’t think I would have moved! Not a great way to spend a day but hey, I don’t do it every week.

Time to get back on track :)


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