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Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno

I took a big step this week, you see since becoming a personal trainer I have always worked for another gym and taught classes. It was where I started, I absolutely love it, it gave me the experience I needed and the opportunity to meet so many fab people. I cut my hours once I opened my own gym but I still had the link,  still worked for someone else on a regular basis. I guess it was a bit of a safety net.

It was reassuring to know there were regular hours and therefore a regular wage. It was great to feel part of a team and have that support.

But it’s time to move on, it’s time to go it alone, time to step up. So this week I handed in my notice. It’s scary and daunting but I know it is the right time. Now I really have to make my business work. I have no other option.

Sometimes we need to burn bridges in order to make sure we take that next big step, we need to put ourselves out there so we have no choice but to make it work. When the stakes are high we have to up our game and that is when we find our true strength, our real determination and the success we deserve.

Think of one of your goals. What can you do that will make you step up?

1) Set a public deadline that you have to meet – delivering a presentation, putting on a workshop, producing a website. Tell people when it will be done then do it.

2) Book/buy something you aren’t sure you can afford – you have to earn the money to make the payments

3) Or dare I say…hand in your notice!

4) Sign up for the new study class and tell everyone you are going to pass it.

All of the above are just possible examples- I hold no responsibility for anyone who contacts me in a months time with no job and a speed boat! Haha…..but you know what I am getting at.

Burn your bridges, make it so failure is not an option.

I feel like another big step has been taken and although daunting it is so blooming exciting. Game on :)


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