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Do Our Results Last?

Do Our Results Last?

Just over a year ago Louise joined Believe & Achieve desperate to lose weight before hitting the big 50. She was fed up, tired and pretty blooming miserable and needed help.


She committed to joining us for 12 weeks. Yes it was a big investment and as a nurse not money that could be wasted but Louise had got to the the point of desperately needing something to change and she was ready to make it happen.


Louise followed our food plan and came to the gym twice a week. She even managed a cheeky holiday to New York to celebrate her birthday within those 3 months.


12 weeks later the results were amazing. She was like a different woman and I don’t just mean physically. Yes she was slimmer but she was also happier, more energetic and so much more confident.


But what is really amazing is a year later Louise is still maintaining her weight loss AND still choosing to exercise.


She worked with us for 12 weeks and took on board all our advice. She was able to develop some great healthy habits that she has continued ever since because we are not about crazy-God-Im-hungry-diets and we dont expect people to exercise every day!


Louise has found a balance and a year later has maintained her weight and is clearly loving life! Cheers Louise ;)


The fact is Louise could have continued to try on her own and paid twenty quid a month to go to a cheap gym and a year later spent around £240 and maybe not changed.


Instead she took a huge leap and chose to invest £400 with us and saw massive changes. Louise had been on a diet for 35 years, never getting the results she truly wanted and never being happy. We helped her create small enjoyable changes that became habits that can be maintained. Forever. She has finally stopped the battle.


So yeah compared to a regular gym we are more expensive, but if our ex-clients are still fit, slim and happy more than a year after leaving us then I’d say we are worth it!


If Louise’s story sounds familiar we’d love to hear from you and have a chat to see if we can help you too


Have a great day :)


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