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Do you drink enough water?

Do you drink enough water?

Chances are the answer is no. The fact is around 75% of the population are dehydrated and we dont even realise. We top up on tea, coffee (guilty!) juice and pop and think we are getting plenty of liquids. Problem is none of these actually hydrate us.

We need water and lots of it.

We have a 30 day water challenge going on over on the B&A Facebook community page. There is a check sheet to help you keep track and see your progress.

Increasing your water intake can mean

-More weight loss

-Looking younger

-Clearer skin

-More energy

-Healthier digestion

-Better toilet movements

-Better sleep


I could go on but you have work to do ;)

If you fancy giving it a bash click the link, ask to join the group and check out the file section.

I’ll be keeping my beady eye on the group over the next 30 days as well to provide all the support I can to get you hydrated and healthy x

Here is that link


Have a great day


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