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Do You Ever Stop To Admire The View?

Do You Ever Stop To Admire The View?

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the running of life. We can be so busy chasing deadlines and goals that we forget how far we have come.


We can be so busy running after the next challenge that we forget to celebrate everything we have achieved so far.


Being in business in bloody hard work and it never stops. There is always the next programme, the next workshop, the next target. It can feel like a hamster wheel, never stopping.


Then one morning Facebook pops up a memory and you realise just how far you have come.


On the left is the gym on October 22nd 2013. We opened on 2nd November 2013.


I look at that photo now and I have no idea how we did it! That was one crazy week.


And on the right, the gym now. Quite a transformation ey?


Trouble is I am so busy working that I rarely take time to stop and celebrate how much we have achieved over the last 3 years.


It was a lovely reminder.


When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the view? We can be so busy trying to race to the top of the mountain that we forget to take in the scenery on the way there.


So I have a challenge for you. I want you to start a list of everything you have achieved this year. It might start as a bit of a challenge but I bet when you sit and start thinking about it there is quite a list there that you can be proud of.


Make sure you always take time to celebrate them!


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