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Do you really want it?

Do you really want it?

I often have people chat to me about their goals, hopes, aspirations. They seem to be at a bit of a loss about why they havent achieved things, why they are still chasing. These people are often fed up, ready to quit and plain old cant be arsed anymore.

When I first started out in this business I used to skirt around the edges a little bit with these people. They were already in a pretty tough place and I felt I needed to big them back up.

But over the years I have realsied this has done them an injustice, it has not helped one little bit.

Cos here is the things ladies and gents, and really is very simple. If you have not achieved one of your goals over a pro-longed period of time it is simply because you dont want it enough.

How many of you are looking for the unsubscibe button right now? No problem, go for it. But you know I am telling you the truth.

For many years I used to say I wanted a 6-pack. I would set out with a plan all fired up, determined to do it. Then it would get really tough. 3 months in to eating 100% clean, no 6 pack and I had had enough. I quit. The fact is I did not want it enough. If I had really REALLY wanted it I would have kept going. I would have found the committment, the determination and NOTHING would have got in my way. But I didnt, because the want was not big enough. I never achieved it and I doubt I ever will if honest. Im ok with that now.

If you want something and I mean really really want it then nothing will stop you. You will stick at it until you reach your target, smash your goals and achieve your dreams not matter how hard or uncomfortable it gets. If things are stopping you getting there then you need to ask yourself……is this the right goal for me? Am I doing it for me or because I think I should do it? Will it really make me happy? Is the work worth the end results?

Sometimes a bit of honesty can make life a whole lot clearer and a damn sight happier.

Figure out what YOU want. Make sure whatever you are striving for will make YOU happy, not help you conform to what society thinks you should be doing.

Your life. Your journey. Your happiness.


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