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Eat that frog

Eat that frog

Don’t panic – its not some new crazy fad diet!! Let me explain………

I have had a crazy weekend. And not crazy as in wild nights, hot men and dancing on tables. Oh no, crazy as in work, work chuffing work. But before you all start feeling all sorry for me  it is all my fault. You see I have this project to complete by Wednesday. I have had this project on my to-do list for a looooooooong time, But its a tricky one, I knew it was gonna take lots of work and lots of time and get me a little stressed. So what did I do……..ignored it. yep that good ol’ sure fire way of how to create even more stress.

I ignored it, I kept putting it off and I kept forgetting about until I couldn’t forget about it any longer. Cue the stressful weekend. Not fun at all.

So the point I am trying to make…..EAT THAT FROG. It is the title of a great little book by Brian Tracy (fab author by the way) He talks about if you had to get up tomorrow and at some point during the day you have to eat a frog, do you…

1) worry about it all day and do it last thing


2) Get it over and done with s you can enjoy the rest of your day

No brainer really. I wish I had gone with number 2 a few weeks back. Live and learn ey!

So, go on, what’s on your to-do list that you have been putting off? What’s that one little job you have been ignoring? Do it. Go on, get it done today. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

Ooooooooh and feel how good it feels once it is over and done with :)

Have a great day eating frogs


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