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Elle Macpherson and YOUR body

Elle Macpherson and YOUR body

So have you seen  Elle Macpherson’s new product SUPER ELIXIR. This is a powder that you can mix with water, almond milk or coconut water and with its 45 ingredients claims to be a super food containing the most carefully selected super greens that are easily absorbed into the body. The idea is that in just 10g a day of Super Elixir, we’ll get enough vits and minerals to boost our ‘wellness.’ And, believe it or not (many nutritionists don’t) keep us in the ‘desired alkaline’ range.

I have had a gander at the ingredients and there is some impressive stuff in there.

But the interesting thing is how photos of Elle in her bikini whilst drinking her Super Elixir were doing the rounds today. Now there is no denying that Elle has a phenomenal body, and at the age of 50 she looks better than most people half  her age.

Here is where Elle has been really smart – she has made it right expensive. £64 for a tub. Everyone knows that the more expensive things are the better they work right?

So you have the fact that Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson drinks it and it is dead expensive (brilliant marketing by the way) But here is the thing I guarantee will happen

1) A percentage of people will allow themselves to believe that this is a magic solution, that this is the answer to their weight loss woes. People are always looking for the answer, the easy way to get what they want. Many will believe that they can still eat crap/drink a load of alcohol/skip the gym but drink this and it will make up for it.

This is a good healthy drink and I think when added to a healthy diet and exercise plan it does have benefits (is it worth £64 – now that I am not so sure about)

Supplements can be really beneficial as unfortunately due to the way our food is now produced it is becoming harder and harder for us to get all the nutrients our bodies need from food alone.  So adding a good quality supplement to your daily diet may help. I take a fair few every day so certainly not knocking ‘em.

The danger is when people start seeing the as a magic solution. There is no magic solution. But you know that. You know that it is all about a natural diet and regular exercise. Well done for being one of the smart ones :)


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