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Emotional Eating Part 2

Emotional Eating Part 2

I thought it was worthy of a few more tips to help you really deal with this issue. (Remember if you want any specific advice just for you, please e mail me any questions and I will get back to you today)

Ok here we go – 10 tips that can help overcome emotional eating

1: Recognize the feelings of actual hunger. If you do not feel the actual hunger pangs in your stomach, you should recognize that your “craving” to eat is strictly emotionally based.

2: When eating, slow down so that you may recognize a feeling of satisfaction – i.e. being full.

3: Get rid of junk foods, so the temptation to fall back on a crutch is removed. Emotional eaters are not likely to hold onto a negative emotion long enough to travel for a “fix.”

4: Eat away from the television in order to focus on the meal. Focusing on outside factors when eating will result in mindlessly shoving food into your face.

5: When struck with any urge to eat, make sure you prepare smaller portion sizes. Emotional eaters are often for-the-moment eaters, and going back for seconds can be more easily avoided.

6: Do not attempt to outright eliminate foods you do love. Just control the portion sizes.

7: Eating in bed or on the sofa is a big no-no. Emotional eaters love to feel comfortable when eating. In fact, they’re eating for comfort. Sit at the kitchen/dining room table.

8: Eating healthier will have a ripple effect in your body. Treating your body with more respect will help to curb future emotional cravings.

9: When struck with a craving, work in reverse to find the trigger. Was it stress? An argument with a family member or spouse perhaps? Work to find the trigger and you can conquer these episodes.

10: Lastly, deal with the triggers you find by adding another response different than eating. If an argument usually prompts a pint of ice cream, take a brisk walk around the block instead to deal with the episode.

As I said before, dont pile the pressure on yourself. This is a big issue faced by so many of us. Change one thing at a time, nce you have mastered that then choose another habit to break or make.

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