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Enough is enough

Enough is enough


So I happily admitted that I enjoy a cup of (proper) coffee every day. But things have got a bit dodgy. You see with the time off and more time at home and more time to relax, the number of coffees I have been enjoying has slowly started to creep up. I am not going to put a number on it but safe to say it was definitely more than one a day. (Side note – boy do I feel bleuurgh)

Quite often we can get in to ‘bad’ habits without even realising. Life gets busy, we rush around keeping on top of everything and then do it all again the next day. Then all of a sudden we realise we feel crap and wonder why. My coffee intake has made me feel crap. Fact. Sleep has been affected, so I am tired and horrible horrible headaches. And if honest if something is almost drip-fed in to you, you no longer enjoy it as a treat!

I am not gonna go crazy and start some epic ‘I will not have coffee for the next 6 months’ regime but I need to pull it back in. So lets keep it simple, I like things when they are simple.

I am not having any coffee for the next 7 days. Easy. No great trauma, no feeling deprived just a nice simple 7 days without. I know this little break will help get me back on track and if I choose to have a coffee at the end of the 7 days I know I will be able to just have one and even better I know I will enjoy it. Life is all about enjoying things :)

There is no one-size-fits-all. Yes I said coffee is ok a few weeks ago now I am making a personal decision to cut it out altogether. Its all about  listening to YOUR body and doing what works best for you at any given time. It’s about the choices you make and understanding how those choices effect your body.

Just be careful with all these New Year New You diets – how can one thing work well for everyone? No one knows your body better than you. Listen to it and do what is right for you.

Have a great day

Claire ‘Drinking a herbal tea’ Moore


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