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Every felt really fed up?

Every felt really fed up?

I have!


Weeks when work is crap, friends aren’t there for you, you have no money, your relationship is on the rocks and you honestly cant see how it will get any better.


You feel like everyone else has it sorted and here is you flapping about just trying to get through each day!


We can end up in what Dr. Aaron Beck calls the Cognitive triad (see there is real science to my waffle!)


Here is how it works

Self – I am a failure. I’ll never be good at anything

World- People hate me

Future: Things will never get better


Lets put this in to an every day example

>My boss hates me. I am useless at this job. I am going to get fired from this position.


Once in this cycle it can be pretty hard to get out – if you think your boss hates you and you are useless at your job and you are going to get fired, chances are you don’t try so hard at work, you have very little enthusiasm, don’t put yourself forward for new challenges……so guess what, your boss isn’t going to be your biggest fan and so it continues


We have to break this cycle.


Here goes

>My boss hates me. I am useless at this job. But I know I can and will do better


Questioning these core beliefs help you realise that there are alternatives and to begin to query whether there is any evidence to justify the negative thoughts.


Keep doing this over and over again and the negative cycle begins to flip to a much more positive one.


Not sure it will work? Try it with a small problem first, nothing too overwhelming Claire and see how you get on. Id love to hear about it if you want to share?


Have a great day :)


Believe & Achieve

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