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Fed Up? You Have 2 Options

Fed Up? You Have 2 Options

Have you noticed how people really only complain about the things they CAN change

  • I hate my job
  • My thighs are too fat
  • I am sick of being single
  • I never have any money
  • My mother is doing my head in
  • I have no social life


Each and every one of them can be altered if we wish.


Can it be done easily? Not all the time but there is a big difference between difficult and impossible.


As Jack Canfield explains – no one ever complains about gravity and that bugger causes all kinds of accidents (generally after a few too many pinot grigios but thats a whole other email!)


We moan and complain about the stuff when we KNOW there is a better option


I hate my job = I know I could find something more exciting/interesting/fulfilling


My thighs are too fat = I could go walking/to the gym/eat healthier


I am sick of being single = I could join a dating site/ask friends to set me up/join a club/get out of my pyjamas and stop watching re-runs of Murder She wrote while eating my body weight in Doritos (just me on that last one?!)


You see when we know there is a better option we get a bit fed up with what we have.


But (and you know this) complaining achieves nothing


So you have 2 options

  1. Make do with what you have got and stop complaining
  2. Take action

Guess I need to step away form the Doritos!


Is there something in your life  you aren’t happy with? Which option are you going to take?


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