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Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Most of my clients are ladies who have tried every diet going. Many have spent years trying new ideas, old ideas, crazy ideas in the hope of getting the body shape they desire. Let’s face it, its the norm now isn’t it? I bet it is one of the top topics of conversation between you and your mates or in the staff room at work.

See something new in a magazine? Latest pills advertised online? Favourite celebrity drops 2 stone in what seems like days??? We lap it up because it is important to us……hey I currently have a pic on my mirror of an actress who was in a magazine last week, she looks amazing so I kept the photo as inspiration. (I did chop her head off though….nothing personal Vanessa H, I know I can get your figure but the wrinkle free face? Never gonna happen!)

Anyway, why am I telling you this? The main thing I want my clients to do is stop obsessing about food, and diets and what they can eat and what they cant eat. It drives us crazy if we let it.

We don’t do extreme God-I-am-starving diets. None of my clients want to be fitness models or body builders. They have no desire to be on the front on Top Sante magazine in a crop top nor do they wish to complete in the next Olympics. They are normal women who just want to feel good in their clothes and improve their health and fitness. That is my speciality – helping women lose their extra weight and feel good.

I have friends who compete in the bikini comps and body building comps and while I totally admire their commitment and dedication the thought of chicken and broccoli for breakfast, dinner and tea is just not my thing.

Life is too short to stress about calories, worry about eating cabbage soup or feel guilty cos you had a coffee!

I believe in the 80/20 rule, I eat natural food 80% of the time and when the opportunity comes up for a night out or a meal with friends I take it. Does it effect my results for that week? Of course it does, but I take full responsibility for that. I have 2 choices

1) Eat clean 100% of the time and never drink or indulge in a meal out ie pretty crappy social life

2) Understand that alcohol or processed food will slow down my results and accept responsibility for any choices I make.

The problem is if we impose strict rules on ourselves then we are more likely to jack it all in as it gets too hard and too overwhelming. Life works much better if we get a good balance

Plans to go out this weekend? Brill, enjoy. My advice is just don’t make it a whole weekend of indulgence, that would be more 70/30 and even a 10% difference will hinder your results.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing. I am off for an 80s shindig…..ah they don’t make ‘em like they used to :)

PS The pic is from an 80s weekend in Skegvegas……..ahhhh happy memories ;)


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