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Gary was right

Gary was right

Can you believe we are half way through January already? When I first qualified as  PT I braced myself for my first January. Ready for the mad rush I was already spending the money before I actually earned it. Then reality hit……no one has any money in January. Yeah, course people have weight loss goals and start the year determined to get fit but few have the dosh to pay up for a personal trainer. Add to that the number of ten a penny gyms that keep popping up and January is tough.

The business course I am currently doing talks about how the work you do today sees the rewards coming in 3 months time. 3 whole months!!! So you see the lovely Gary Barlow was right….you have to have a bit of patience.

We have become a society where many expect things right now please- want be rich? Win the lottery. Want to be thin? Have some surgery. The quick fix solution that takes no work or effort.

But life is rarely that easy, and lets be honest, would you really really fully appreciate anything that just landed in your lap?

Patience is a huge part of working towards to your goals. Keep your eye on the big prize while taking steps forward and that goal WILL be yours my lovely. Yeah it will get tough, it may be challenging but be patient. Your rewards will come.


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