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Give yourself a break

Give yourself a break

Chances are you have been working hard at the gym and on your eating plan for an up and coming holiday. You probably started a couple of months ago to watch what you eat and go to the gym a few extra times so that you could feel good on the beach or by the pool.

If you are like 99.9% of all the ladies out there you are probably scrutinising yourself in the mirror every morning. Now I bet you wont be looking at your well shaped shoulders, or your great legs, or gorgeous décolletage (look at me going all French! Ohh la la)

Nope, I bet every morning you look in the mirror and you focus on the parts you don’t like, the parts you are not happy with.  Probably have a conversation along the lines of “If only this was smaller, if only this was bigger, if only this was higher or if only this was tighter.”

The thing is no matter how much progress we make we still have a tendency to beat ourselves up.

Tomorrow, instead of your usual conversation I want you to think back. I want you to think back to where you were and reflect on how far you have come. Have you lost 7lbs? 1 stone? Have you got stronger in the arms? legs? Can you now do a full spin class instead of only half? Can you climb the stairs without keeling over? Can you now get in to the jeans you couldn’t wear in January?

Rather than thinking about the future and what you still hope to achieve I want you to think back on how far you have come so far and congratulate yourself. Take a moment or two to acknowledge the good stuff you see in the mirror (and don’t tell me there isn’t anything – bollocks - EVERYONE has good about them)

Acknowledge the good and enjoy the moment because I am damn sure you have earned it. All that work, effort and energy has got you where you are today so feel good about that.

The more positive you feel about your achievements the more likely you are to continue and then the more likely you are to achieve your long term goals.

You are gorgeous ladies and don’t forget it.


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