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Gremlin or Mogwai?

Gremlin or Mogwai?

You see that little voice in your head can be either…..it can be a mogwai saying nice things, being kind, being calm. Or it can be a gremlin and be bloody awful and make your life a misery!

We spend a lot of time at Believe & Achieve trying to help or ladies get more Mogwais!

We were very lucky to have the fabulous Nicky Valantine come along to the gym last week and share her work on MIND OVER CHATTER.

Nicky is a coach for the book Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway and it was brill to hear a few strategies and techniques to help turn that voice in your head in to a friend and not an enemy.

One thing we talked about was AFFIRMATIONS

People can often think that affirmations are a bit airy fairy or daft and dismiss it as something weird people in chiffon do.

Thoughts are magnetic.

What we think about you attract. What we think about becomes our focus and expands and grows. What we put our energy and attention on starts to show up more and more in our lives. And the energy we project through our thoughts is the energy we receive.

Positive energy is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more powerful you become. Repetition is the key and the more you focus on positive energy the more it becomes your natural state.

You fancy testing it? I am going to set you a challenge – a 7 day challenge. To start pick one of the following affirmations that you like


I love life and life loves me

I love and approve of myself

I am safe and sound all is well

I am a kind and beautiful person. I am enough.

And I want you to say it over and over again for the next 7 days. Relaxing in the bath, standing in a queue, walking the dog, waiting for the kettle to boil. Anytime you have a spare 30 seconds repeat it again and again. Anytime a negative thought pops in your head start saying your chosen affirmation.

Try it, and see what happens.


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