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How Clare From Steps Finally Beat Her Weight Struggles

How Clare From Steps Finally Beat Her Weight Struggles

Its pretty simple really, she has found something that is more important than any chocolate bar, any bag of crisps or any alcoholic drink. She has found her Big Enough Reason Why.
When we really want something we fire up a passion in ourselves, this passion drives us to stay on track, it gets us excited about our challenge and it makes what has maybe previously been impossible, totally achievable and within our reach.
What is Clare’s Big Enough Reason Why? She wants a baby. Her desire for another child is bigger, stronger, and more important than any food out there.
She has shifted from the quick fix happiness to looking at the bigger picture and the joy another child could bring.
You see there is a big difference between happiness and joy. Happiness can happen instantly, but can disappear almost as quickly. Joy is far greater, it is more intense and more fulfilling.
What would bring you joy on your health and fitness journey? Thinking ‘I just want to be thin’ is never really going to cut it, it is too vague to drive any passion and it is highly likely that temptation will just become too much.
Now don’t panic, Im not saying we all need to start wanting babies! But we do all need to find something that we really really want. Cos when we do then that will be our driving force that will be the thing that keeps us going no matter how hard it gets.
Some examples
1)I want to be able to join in swimming with my kids/grandkids
2)I want to feel amazing when I wear my wedding dress
3)I want the confidence to get the job of my dreams
4)I want to the confidence to go out and find true love
There could be a million reasons but there is one out there that is special to you. What do you really really want? Why do you want it? What is your Big Enough Reason Why? Once you find that the rest becomes pretty simple.


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