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How To Find And Keep Your Motivation

How To Find And Keep Your Motivation

One of the main reasons ladies come to our gym is to find motivation. So many of us struggle to stay on track when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

Now while there isn’t a magic solution to this there are things you can do to help make the process much easier to handle and more sustainable.

1) Get super clear on the reasons WHY you want to do this. “I want to be thin” or “I want to lose weight” just wont cut it – far too vague. You need to know EXCATLY how much you want to lose and EXACTLY when you want to lose it by. This is your target, this is what you focus on daily.

2) Find a plan that suits you. This means a plan that you enjoy and fits in to your life style. Any plan that requires crazy strict rules and restrictions will make you miserable and never last. Small enjoyable changes can lead to amazing long term results.

3) Get support. If you can afford a personal trainer/coach – fantastic they will really help keep you accountable and be a great support system. But a gym buddy can be just as good. It is far easier to keep on track when you have support from others.

4) Everyday remind yourself of your goals, visualise what life will be like once you have achieved them – how will you feel, what will you wear, what will you do? Keep these positive thoughts in your mind so we focus more on what we will gain rather than what we feel we are missing out on.

5) Commit! If you had a doctors appointment it would be in your diary and other things would have to work around it. Do the same with your workouts/food shopping – plan at the start of the week and commit to them happening.

6) Celebrate all your progress. It is too easy to always be thinking about how far we still have to go or how much we still have to lose. Make sure you celebrate every day of being on plan, of getting to the gym, of getting back in to an old pair of trousers – be proud of what you have done every step of your journey.

7) Be kind to yourself. Like in the previous comment we can be buggers for hating on all the bits of ourselves we don’t like. But we don’t eat well and train because we hate our bodies, we do it because we love them and they deserve our love and respect. Acknowledge your efforts and know you will get there one day at a time

Claire x

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