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Hunky dory?

Hunky dory?

Having had a bit more time off recently I have spent a bit more time on Facebook as well as sending these daily e mails. I am a real sucker for those photos with the positive quotes, the ones that get you all fired up and raring to go. I enjoy reading them and when I see one I really like I share it on my B&A page. I have even made a few of my own!

It always surprises me the number of people who contact me privately to say how a picture or an e mail has spoken directly to them. How it was exactly what they needed to see at that time. Funny isn’t it. You think that everyone else has got it all sorted, they look happy enough so everything must be ticking along for them. You start to believe that you are the weird/fussy/disappointed/odd one (delete as appropriate) Surely everyone else has it all sorted right?

Trust me, they don’t. Everyone has their own problems, their own issues, their own story. Most of the time we just don’t know about it.

So quit beating yourself up cos you think you are the only one who hasn’t got it all sewn up in a nice little box and ready to live happily ever after.  None of us have.

Be grateful for the little things, celebrate what you have achieved and give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back for doing everything you do already. In fact, today’s challenge – write down 3 things in your life that you are proud of make those your focus for today.

Perfect would be boring anyway :)

Have a great day

Claire x


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