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I have a confession

I have a confession

I’ve had to join a gym. Ey? Why would someone who owns a gym pay to join someone else’s???

Not sure if all of you will know this but I only became a PT about 2 years ago. Prior to that I was a primary school teacher for 12 years. I actually got in to exercising because I got fat. You see I had been one of those lucky ones, you know the girls you hate cos they can eat whatever they like and never put on weight? Well that was me for my 20s, things weren’t too tricky in my early 30s, nowt a couple of classes couldn’t sort out. But then I hit 36 and everything went to pot.

I carried on eating and drinking what I wanted and the pounds started to pile on. I went from someone who was always a size 10/12 to no longer being able to fit in to size 14.

Two options
1)    Buy size 16
2)    Do something about it

I went for option 2. Found out I was a bit fascinated by the body and how it works. Not only did I lose my excess wobble but I got a new interest, did the gym instructor course then the PT and got a bit hooked on learning how to be healthy.

But, and here is the thing – I have never found exercise easy and I have never stopped having a sweet tooth. I see these PTs who survive on chicken and broccoli and bang out 200 Burpees before breakfast and I hang my head in shame! That’s not me.  I have cravings, I have bad days and I have to really push myself in the gym.

I have realised I don’t like working out on my own, it’s boring and far too easy to sack off and do some paperwork instead. I like most other people need to be pushed, I need the encouragement and motivation of a trainer and a group.

I need to commit to something, I need to have a plan and need to do it now before my sweet tooth makes my ass spread anymore ;)

The moral of this e mail? If something is not working for you (even if on paper it should) then stop what you are doing and find another way. Take time to assess what you want and look at options on how you can achieve it. Then take action.  You have to be an action taker if you want results of any kind.

If only there was a Buddy Up Programme that gave me 8 training sessions, 30 day meal plan and full support……..oh hang on! Ha, shame I can’t join in.

There is always a solution ladies, and this goes for every area of your life, not just health.

You are in charge of your own happiness, find a way to make it happen.

Have a wonderful weekend! Bring on the sunshine :)

Claire x

Ps our application form in case you think Buddy Up May be your new plan https://clara33.wufoo.eu/forms/personal-training-application-form/


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