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I have an addiction….

I have an addiction….


…….to notebooks.
Seriously, the number of notebooks that I have bought, written in 2 pages and then left is quite scary.
I’m an absolute sucker who keeps Paperchase in business.
But the new is…..I have found THE BEST NOTEBOOK EVER!!
Now if you like setting goals, making lists, keeping track then you will LOVE this journal
Now I don’t get anything out of recommending this, other than knowing I am helping fellow notebook addicts maybe break the cycle of constant buying as once you have this you wont need anymore notebooks
Its runs on  13 week plan and encourages you to
  • Set a goal
  • Break it down
  • Analyse why you want it
  • Constantly reflect on how things are going
  • Learn from previous days and weeks
  • and basically kick the ass out of any goal you wish to achieve
I’m loving it.
The posh pens have come out, its all colour coordinated and I’m like a pig in, well lets say jelly ;)
Seriously if you want to get focused and you want a clear plan this is a fab book that can really help you get organised.


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