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Is Under Eating Making You Fat?

Is Under Eating Making You Fat?

Ey? How can under-eating make you gain weight?

Been having a good chat with some clients this week who are struggling as they feel their results are slowing down. First things first, this is perfectly normal, lets face it if it was easy then we would all be a size 0 and strutting down the cat walk.

Losing weight is not easy, there is so much temptation out there now that it can seem like a never ending battle. But there are strategies that can make it easier.

One thing I find quite often is that many ladies who are wishing to lose weight or change their body shape under eat. We are so conditioned in believing that we need to starve ourselves and eat less if we hope to see any change to our muffin tops.

The problem with this is it causes your body to almost panic and shut down. If we don’t fuel it correctly its not long before our metabolisms are buggered and we stop losing weight altogether so we then eat less and spend all our time chuffing starving but still wobbly! How is that fair?!

So first thing is first – you need to work out you Basal metabolic rate (BMR) this the amount of energy expended while at rest, so basically how many calories you need just to sit all day. Google it and you will find an online calculator. I reckon you will be shocked when you see how many calories you need. To give you an idea Im 5’7 and need just over 1400 calories add in some exercise and it is over 2000. Now most ladies when they go on a diet will drop to around 1000-1200 calories. This is nowhere near enough food, and will put a huge amount of stress on your body.

We need to start doing this differently. I had a play around on a calorie calculator and looked at the type of meals our clients eat and have created two options.


OPTION 1 – 850 cal


Power shake- Milk 80, berries 80, spinach 10



Chicken breast 220cal, lettuce, tom, cucumber, pepper 50cal



Portion of chilli 400, handful spinach 10


OPTION 2 – 1692 cal


Power shake- Milk 80, berries 80, protein powder 100, banana 100



Chicken breast 220, lettuce, tom, cucumber, pepper 50, ½  avocado 150, ½ butternut squash 80, chick peas 100, pine nuts 50, dressing 72 cal



Portion of chilli 400, handful spinach 10, ½ Sweet potato 50, organic brown rice 150


If I ate option 2 I am still in a calorie deficit but I am eating healthy food that gives me all the nutrients my body needs so it is weight loss done in a healthy way. This will get results.


Would this work if the calories were from cakes, crisps, sausage rolls etc. Now that’s a whole different story as you wouldn’t be fuelling the body with the right stuff. In fact you could probably eat 2000 calories of junk food and still feel hungry. There is no way you would be hungry on option 2.


So 2 things to do today

1) Check your resting calorie needs (BMR)

2) work out your average calorie intake – are you eating enough? More importantly, are you eating enough of the right stuff?


Have a great day :)

Claire xx

The Feel Fab Coach

Personal Trainer, Sheffield


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