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It’s All About The Habits

It’s All About The Habits

We are what we repeatedly do.

How we look and feel is down to our habits Our daily habits decide whether we are strong or weak, promoted at work or not, comfortable with money or skint, tired in the morning or full of energy.

What’s the difference between the woman who is healthy and toned and the woman who is overweight and struggles?

The slim toned woman has developed the habits of a slim toned woman Whilst the woman who is struggling is stuck with the habits of a struggling, overweight, out of shape woman

It really is that simple.

The good thing is you can move from one to the other and you can change and develop new habits Habits that serve YOU better. Habits that get you closer to your goals rather than further away from them

You CAN’T just hope or wish or dream

My advice – start small, if we start trying to change everything all at once then it becomes overwhelming

So if you want to feel fabulous and have more energy and better moods examples may be

>Drink 1 glass of water before every meal

>Take the stairs instead of the lift >Get off one bus stop earlier

>Add 1 extra veg to your evening meal each day

None of these are too overwhelming, choose one and keep doing it until it becomes a habit (it takes 21 days to make or break a habit). Once that habit is established choose another one.

Keep going until you have more healthy habits than unhealthy ones. You will be amazed at how quickly you will see a difference

Extraordinary things can be achieved by ordinary things done consistently

Have a great day


Believe & Achieve

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