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Its Ok to not be Ok

Its Ok to not be Ok

Thought long and hard before posting this  but I figure if it helps someone else then it’s worth it. I am over the whole ‘What will people think’ thing as well so here goes….

Had a pretty rough week last week things are tough right now, I just opened my own gym and we are only 4 months in so of course it’s tough. I feel a little uncomfortable sharing that but finding it difficult does not make me weak.

You see the fitness industry is the worst for egos – everyone wants to be the toughest, the strongest, the fittest, the fastest. All you see are people banging on about how many clients they have, how many 6 packs they have created and how chuffing good they think they are. So for someone like me to openly admit that I am finding it tough at the moment, well that just doesn’t happen.

And with a name like Believe & Achieve……oh dear, people think it’s all glass half full, sunshine and roses and hunky dory in my world. And yeah for the most part it is because I am truly grateful for everything I have and everything I have worked for. But sometimes it gets tough and it gets overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am doing and how I would love to have a 9-5 job with a regular wage and every weekend off, not having to worry and whittle about bills and sales and accounts and marketing 24/7.

Often when these thoughts hit I can just shake them off. Dig in and keep going. But sometimes it feels too much, sometimes it feels like I cant cope and it’s not possible to just shake it off. Had a great e mail form my mentor Paul Mort this week (talk about perfect timing) He explained……sometimes you do not need to ‘Man Up.’  IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK

Its so important when this happens to take time out and know that this will be far more beneficial in the long run. In fact you’ll come back stronger, more creative. More powerful.

Sometimes it’s ok to just have a bloody good cry, in-fact keeping those emotions in is unhealthy. It’s ok to feel crap – as Paul says JUST DON’T UNPACK AND STAY THERE. Accept that it’s a small moment a sign you need to take time out. You don’t need to keep pushing. No one can keep sprinting 24/7

And you know what? After this little moment…Will come a huge BREAKTHROUGH. I think it was JK Rowling who said she used rock bottom as a firm foundation to build her future on.

Take some time, ride it out, knowing that soon you’ll come back stronger you’ll be refocused and back on track.

A crap few days? Yep. But its just a temporary setback. Quitting is not an option. I will rest, I will relax and no doubt have a bloody good cry but I will come back stronger. I always do.

Its OK to not be Ok, just don’t unpack and stay there.


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