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Just Eat The Cake!

Just Eat The Cake!

Right. You’re out for a meal with your friends.

You’ve done the main course and now waiter’s coming around, asking if you want dessert. You do.

You’ve really got your eye on that sticky toffee pudding. But, your friend Sarah is on some new crazy diet so she’s being all good and saying “No thank you.”

Oh bloody hell

Your friend Elizabeth, on the other side of the table, also thinks, “Well, I should be good too.”
So she says no.

Ah man

And then you’re left thinking, “Well, I should say no as well.”

So you join in with everyone else. You say no.

The waiter toddles off. But all you can think about is that sticky toffee pudding.

In fact, on the drive home, it’s all you can think about. You know you have to drive past the Coop to get home. You think about going in to get some cake.

You know you shouldn’t.

But then you remember you need some toilet roll/coffee/cat food (delete as appropriate) so now you have a totally legitimate reason to stop at the Coop.

You may just look at the cakes once there

You get to the local co-op. You really, really, really want sticky toffee pudding.

Once in you think sod it and you buy a whole sticky toffee pudding.

Before you know it, you’re back home. You’ve eaten the entire lot, feeling like crap.


Follow your cravings. Listen to your body. Enjoy the food. And stop jumping from extremes to extremes.

Just say yes to the cake!

Claire x
Believe & Achieve


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