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Kim Kardashian and your fitness plan

Kim Kardashian and your fitness plan

They’re bloody everywhere those Kardashians aren’t they, even in your daily B&A e mail! So what has the lovely Kim got to do with you and your fitness plan?

Now Kim is often regarded as one of the most beautiful or sexiest ladies in the world, that is some title. But I keep reading articles (and I know you cant believe everything you read, but go with me on this) I keep reading articles that say she is unhappy with her post-baby body, she is desperate to lose weight, she is struggling to re-gain her figure. I think the last one said she was off to try some liquid diet in order to drop a few lbs.

How true is this? Absolutely no idea but I would be willing to believe that trying to re-gain her pre-baby figure is high on Kim’s to-do list. I mean, we all have times we struggle with body image, confidence and self-esteem, imagine what its like when the whole world is watching?!


But here is the thing I want to share today, Kim has a few more pennies in the bank than you and I, meaning she has the ability to access the best of the best…….nutritionist, chef, trainer, equipment, food, serums, coaches etc etc She also doesn’t work 9-5, this means she has a good deal of time to exercise, I am also guessing there is a nanny somewhere in the picture.

Please don’t think I am having a pop at Kim, she’s a smart cookie and has created a successful business so I am all for her reaping the rewards. But what I am saying is, Kim has everything on her side but still struggles with weight loss. She can have all the help that money can buy but is still not a size zero. Why? Because her genetics wont allow it.

Kim is a curvy lady and she always will be. Can she decide to be healthier? More toned? Fitter? Course she can, but to lose those gorgeous curves would take absolute extremes, extremes that I would not advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

So here is the thing ladies, if Kim cant change her shape with all the help in the world, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it? Can we be healthier, fitter, more toned? Course we can. But my legs are short – fact and I am 40 years old. Will I ever get a thigh gap? No. But I still look at them sometimes and do the ‘I wish they were, thinner, loner, leaner’ routine…..if honest I am being a bit unfair on myself.

We can take responsibility for our health and choose to make smart choices but at the same time we have to learn to accept our genetics, accept our bodies for the amazing machines that they are. Are we ever going to be a size zero? Well I’m not and I’m fine with that.

Take your foot off the pressure pedal ladies. We need to embrace our curves like the lovely Kim.


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