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Ladies Who Lift

Ladies Who Lift

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you! Many women avoid heavy weights as they think it will bulk them up. This makes me laugh as I have been trying to develop muscle definition for months and I wish it did happen that quickly!

Lifting heavy weights won’t make you become the next Incredible Hulk because women just don’t have the testosterone levels to pack on tons of bulk. Even women who want to build bigger muscles and work extremely hard to bulk still build muscle mass at a fraction of the rate that men do.

Heavier weight offers women a higher metabolic rate. Heavy weights provide a high degree of resistance this creates tiny muscular tears throughout the body. You will burn a greater number of calories post-workout to repair those tiny tears, meaning you are still burning calories even after the workout is done.

Also lifting heavier weights means you’ll see greater overall muscle definition. When you lift a light weight  the muscles are barely challenged. As a result, your muscles won’t feel any need to adapt and therefore grow since they can easily handle what you throw at them.

Muscularity also means a lower chance of injury if you participate in sports or other activities.

The final benefit you achieve by lifting heavier weights is that you improve strength in everyday activities. Since you get much stronger by lifting heavier weights, everyday activities will get much easier over time. You won’t need to call your hubby to move a sofa anymore and just think how much shopping you will be able to carry :)


Ladies Only Personal Training Gym

5 minutes to spare? Blast out this little finisher and get that heart pumping J

High Five

5 Burpees

5 press ups

5 jump squats


Repeat 5 times  – time yourself and set yourself the challenge of getting quicker each week!


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