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Lessons we can learn from Oscar

Lessons we can learn from Oscar

I’m fostering a dog at the moment. Oscar. He has had a pretty crappy start to life but the great news is as of September he has a new forever home to go to. His new mum isn’t able to have him over night until she moves to her new home so he is hanging out with me in the meantime.


He is 5 months old and apart from chewing the whole side off my rattan bedding box we are getting on just fine. Note to self – when a dog goes quiet he is not always sleeping!


Now a lot of people have asked if I will get attached and find it hard to give him up at the end of the fostering. Good question, especially as I am a massive softy. When he first arrived I had a bit of a what-have-I-done-freak-out?!!! There is a lot of responsibility in that bundle of fluff, and not so sure I am a fan of the 6.30am wake up calls every day.


It was amazing how after only knowing me for a matter of minutes he showed unbelievable trust and love, from the first day in my home I was the centre of his world – I fed him, walked him, fussed him and he trusted me from day one. No questions.


I started to think about when he left and the guilt appeared – will he think I don’t love him anymore if I let him go? Will he be confused? Miss me? Be unhappy?


I soon realised I am way off the mark. His new mum keeps visiting as she wants to spend as much time with him as possible.  What was clear from the very first visit, Oscar lives only in the moment. As long as he is being treated well, being fed, fussed over and enjoying walks he pretty much isn’t bothered who is doing it.


Is he excited when he comes back and sees me? Course, but he is just as excited when he sees his new mum. In fact he is just as excited when he sees the postman, a random walker, another dog or my slippers.


I guess the point I am trying to make is Oscar doesn’t over analyse, doesn’t worry and doesn’t over-think. Are things good right now? Yeah? Then he is happy.


Can we be happy with food, walks and a bit of attention? Well, maybe our lives aren’t quite that simple but I think we can learn a few lessons from the adorable Oscar.  Are things good right now? Then just enjoy and live in the moment.


Have a great day

Claire x


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