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Life aint all sunshine and rainbows

Life aint all sunshine and rainbows

As much as I love my mum, I inherited one not-so-great thing from her…..the worry gene! Crikey I can sit with my own thoughts and before I know it my head is like the worst scene from Eastenders, Emmerdale and Corrie all rolled in to one.


I have this knack of being able to think the worse of any situation and when things are great I can even worry that I haven’t got anything to worry about!


It took a while but I got to realising that it serves absolutely no purpose what so ever. All it does it is create stress, tension and a negative attitude


Mu new motto in life THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION and I totally believe that. Granted it isnt always easy but there is always a solution


Will horrible things happen, of course they will, as Rocky said life aint all sunshine and rainbows! But why worry about it twice?


If you have a problem but you can do something about it – great, no need to worry. If you have a problem and you cant do anything…..well dont worry! It will all work out in the end.


I know its not always easy, but there is always a solution – you’ll find it xx


Have a great day :)


Claire xx

The Feel Fab Coach

Personal Trainer Sheffield


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