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Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language

If you have had a few treats over Christmas this week can be blooming hard work. You know you need to get back on a healthy plan but those cravings are little buggers always making you think about stuff you are trying so hard to avoid!!
Our voices in our head and language play a huge part in how we respond to situations.  The word ‘Should’ is a perfect example of this.
I bet you have had countless conversations in your head about how you should go to the gym, you should drink more water, you should have a healthy breakfast, you should stop eating chocolate and so on and so on.
This automatically makes it hard work, it becomes a chore, a challenge. It allows guilt to get involved and that is never good. You end up having to work so hard at it that before long you just think sod-it and eat anything and everything. Sound familiar?
I little change can help. Change the word ‘should’ to ‘could’ and this enables us to see that we always have a choice. When we have a choice quite often we will make the smart one.
Lets play it out….
“I should go the the gym” *cue sulky face* Becomes
“I could go to the gym”
You then start having a little conversation in your head…..I could go to the gym, what will I do if I dont? Hmmmm probably nothing, I may end up snacking more. I know if I do go to the gym I will sleep well tonight which will be good. I guess if I go today then I wont need to go at the weekend so I could then go shopping.
When you start to look at your options and the outcomes knowing you have full responsibility for both, you can more often that not make a smart choice.
So your challenge…..watch out for the word word ‘should’ if it pops up see if you can change it to ‘could’ and see the difference it makes in your head
PS If you fancy learning more about health and fitness and want to join other people with the same interests we have a facebook community group at this link


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