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Monday – Day 8

Monday – Day 8

Breakfast: Quinoa Porridge with banana and honey

Dinner: Tomato soup

Tea: Chilli from the freezer

Snacks: Apple

Exercise: Body Pump Class

Daily Affirmation: I am strong and secure

Still feeling pretty crappy after drinking on Saturday evening…..the days of being able to drink and then feel fine the next day and long gone. Hangovers now seem to go on for days and its not fun.  He aftermath is always such hard work, the cravings kick back in and I feel soooooooo tired.

But the night out was fun and I think its important to find a balance where you are healthy but also enjoying a social life.

I have no more nights out planned for a while anyway, so I have a great opportunity now to focus on the healthy and I am actually looking forward to it :)


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