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Oh dear, oh dear

Oh dear, oh dear

Well all the secrets are coming out now!  This is like my daily therapy, you are saving me a fortune on counselling! You see I am in a right old tangle today. Saturday saw a night with my best friends. Every year we have a secret santa party where we get together share pressies and eat and drink far too much. We couldn’t fit it in before Christmas so it was on Saturday evening.

Now I don’t drink much anymore, but when I have a night with my mates I have no problem with enjoying myself. But what hit me this weekend is the after effects of the alcohol. Now we all know alcohol is a pain in the ass when trying to lose any weight due to the empty calories. But what I am realising  is the negative effects it has after the fun has stopped.

To say I feel fed up today is an understatement. I am tired, irritable. I feel bloated and just plain crap. All I want to do is crawl back in to bed and wake up in about 4 days time when I will hopefully be back to normal.  The alcohol has messed with my head big time

Now you know I am not one for pushing extreme diets so please don’t think for a second I am saying alcohol is the devil and should never pass your lips again (although today I do believe it is it is kind of devil-like)But maybe if alcohol is a regular part of your weekend and you have a tendency to feel sluggish, bit down or lacking in energy come Monday morning it may be playing a part in that? Maybe that Monday morning feeling isn’t because of your job, busy lifestyle or the fact the weekend seems so long away?  I just know that I am generally a very positive person but struggling big time today and nothing else has changed accept a bow out on Saturday evening.

I for one am very happy to cut the alcohol out of my weekends for a good few weeks. Roll on feeling normal again cos I don’t like his one little bit :(


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